I believed christianity for a long time. Not only me but my family also believed it. It was an absolute power which effected me a lot in my life. One day, I decided to leave my church because I felt it wasn't right. How come religion is controling my life, idea, and action? It was a biggest decision that I had made since nobody ever questioned about what we believed. I didnt regret it but I had a lot of hardships to set me free from christianity. There were a lot of conflicts between me and family, christians, and other people who think that Im doing a wrong thing. I thought we are living in the freedom of religion country. I wanted to be in the middle not specific sides. I see a lot of people judge and decide base on their own beliefs or religions but I doubt their actions. Even god can not judge me cause he/she is not a justice itself. I want to believe what I want to belive base on my experiences. Although Im still having issues with them, I feel Im free.