My name is Sunkyong Kim or you can call me Benjamin. I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1995 but my parents are Korean. I came to USA in 2008 for better education. It was unexpected to study BFA Photography from School of Visual Arts but I found my own path toward my career in fine art and commercial photography.

Photography is one of my tool to express my emotion and aesthetic through my images. Meanwhile, I’m also expanding my knowledge toward video, technology, drone, and more base on my interests in order to visualize my visions with different mediums. Knowledge is the power itself and I seek the power. With it, I feel that I’m alive.

I have a simple and good aspect: I love what Im doing. Yes, there are some people enjoying their job but I saw a lot of people having hard times with their jobs but my job and work made me enjoyable as I can communicate and collaborate with different kinds of people in real life. Simply, it’s fun to shoot pics.