My name is Sunkyong Kim and Im Korean visual artist and photographer based in NY. I took and graduated from SVA with BFA Photography. It was unexpacted to learn fine art photography but I liked it. After sophomore year, my life had changed completly due to hallucinations, mental illness, and other issues. My experiences inspired my art to express my feeling in and visual way. My works are very surreal, abstract, and colorful in order to show my own vision, perspective, and idea because of my symptoms. I use photographs to create unrealistic world that people can not understand. Through photography, I found relaxation that I express my inner feeling since I enjoy taking pics. Also, it is one of my way to treat my mental illness, traumas, and phobias.

I shoot fashion and portrait works as a second work. I started taking fashion/portrait pics just because that I wished to shoot famous and popular people all around the world. Although I have a social phobia which prevent me to approach and communicate with other people, I try to focus on people's expression and pose. Once I work as a professional photographer, I wish to break the fixed idea toward fashion/portrait industry since they have lack of diversity and demand tall, fit, and light models. At least for Fashion, does it really matter? I guess not. 


Exhibition(Fine art)

2017 "No simple highways", School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2017 "Color Disorder", School of Visual Arts BFA Photography and Video, New York, NY

2017 "All Color All the Time: Class Exhibition", School of Visual Arts BFA Photography and Video, New York, NY

2018 Senior Thesis exhibition, School of Visual Arts BFA Photography and Video, New York, NY